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If Your Home, basement of commercial property is liable to flooding, the London Flood Prevention Team have developed a fully serviceable non return valve, which is automatically activated to stop any unwanted sewage or flood entering your property.

The non-return valve remains open in normal operating conditions and allows any sewage or water to leave the property unobstructed. However, when there is a surge of either flood water or sewage the gate automatically closes due to the change in pressure stopping the flood, sewage and waste entering your property.

If you’re in need of flood prevention in London, contact the London Flood Prevention team today.

Some Of Our Other Services

Non-Return Valves

Used as part of flood prevention measures, we have developed our fully serviceable fit non-return valves to ensure the risk of damage is minimised. Call the experts at London Flood Prevention to find out more.

Flood Barriers & Restoration

We have an extensive range of flood prevention techniques to suit any situation. From basement properties to commercial premises, with our flood barriers and restoration methods, we will ensure any potential damage is minimised.