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From new builds to refurbishments, or just an ongoing issues, it is essential that your drainage system is fully functioning to comply with environmental legislation.

Nowadays there are many different methods in which you can test your drainage system to help you identify:

• To check the integrity of joints and connection.
• Ensuring no effluent fluid from within the system are escaping into the surrounding environment.
• No cross contamination between foul sewage and storm water drainage systems.
• Drainage mapping and tracing.

Drain Air Pressure Testing

Air testing is completed by placing a bung in all open connection in the drainage system and having one test subject into the bung you attach a manometer. To this manometer a hand pump is then attached into which you can increase the pressure from within the system (providing there is not leaks). The recommended pressure is set to 100mbar and left for a minimum of 5 minutes to see if the pressure drops. If the pressure holds (great news!) there is no leaks within the system. If it leaks you can break down the system to precisely find the leaks location where a drainage repair can be made.

Drain Water Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic Testing)

A water test is very similar to and air test in which all open connections are capped off but instead of air the system is filled with water. On the highest end of the system (due to displacement) to the bung a test tube is attached to the end of the bung into which the water is topped up to give a visual on the amount of water holding or leaving the system. Water tests are usually completed for 2 hours.

Drain Tracing

Drain tracing can be necessary to locate the whereabouts of drains for mapping for refurbishments or to see if there is any cross contamination between foul sewage and storm water systems. Whatever the need this is a tried and tested method to verify the route of any drainage system from start to finish.

CCTV Surveys

If you have a reoccurring problem with your blocked drains in London or suspect something to be wrong with foul drainage smells, our highly trained engineers will come to you to investigate your faulty pipes, drains or sewers. They can then identify the recurring problem there, to give you the peace of mind that you need.
Blockages can be caused by a variety of reasons most commonly: displaced joints, root infestations, radial cracking, fats and silt – surprisingly it can sometimes be as simple as a dropped household item!
Once the CCTV survey has identified the cause, it will give you the control to understand the problem and decide how you would like to tackle the remedial works (if they’re required). Our engineers are professionally trained to give you their best advice, and will provide you with a full colour CCTV survey and a comprehensive written report which highlights how we can rectify the issue.

Some Of Our Other Services

Non-Return Valves

Used as part of flood prevention measures, we have developed our fully serviceable fit non-return valves to ensure the risk of damage is minimised. Call the experts at London Flood Prevention to find out more.

Drain Unblocking

Don’t let your blocked drain become a disaster, trust London Flood Prevention with your drains. With the right tools and the right knowledge we will ensure your drains and pipes are flowing freely again in no time at all.

Flood Barriers & Restoration

We have an extensive range of flood prevention techniques to suit any situation. From basement properties to commercial premises, with our flood barriers and restoration methods, we will ensure any potential damage is minimised.

CCTV Surveys

We push forward in latest technologies to provide you with full colour CCTV Surveys in London. This is a quick, cost effective way to investigate any faults lying within drains or sewers.

Drain Repairs

As experts in drain repairs in London, we have the most cost-effective and least disruptive techniques in conducting a repair on any drain. From drain relining to excavation, we will ensure your drains are repaired in no time at all.

Drain Testing & Tracing

From new builds to refurbishments or just an ongoing issue it is essential that your drainage system is fully functioning to comply with environmental legislation. Nowadays there are many different methods in which you can test your drainage system.